Why girls outdo boys in academics

Essay by itswik May 2007

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I was in search of a topic to write on to best use my time at home as university closed after semester finals. Mornings at home are relaxing and the early sun in winters is quite enjoyable in Karachi. These environmental factors serve as catalyst to writing skills of the little writer in me. Although the question why girls do better in classrooms is quite clichéd and answers often end up in gender bashing I decided to take the toll.

At a family dinner a lady who is teaching at two private universities asked me this question on gender and academic performance. It made me think and the ideas that came to me were not so unreasonable. I decided to put them in ink next morning enjoying the delightful combination of chill and sun.

We often lose rationality when confronted with issues involving genders. Instead of treating the two as different beings and avoiding evaluative comparison which is unnecessary we tend to compare and evaluate them.

This comparative evaluation leads to the conclusion stating one better then the other.

It is observed by all us irrespective of gender and ethnicity that generally girls do better than boys in classrooms. There may be many reasons behind this phenomenon. One of the reasons is the difference in attitudes towards studies. Smart people exist in both the genders. However girls perform better partly because they are smart and the rest because of their consistent hard work (Lecky, P. (1945). It's not that all girls outdo their male colleagues there are girls who do even worse than boys. Similarly there are boys, though very few, who perform better than many of their female colleagues. What is that makes some people work harder than others to achieve good grades? To answer this question we need...