Why I Like The Computer

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Technology has always been an important part of my life. Through the years, technology has grown extremely fast until we arrived at the most important piece of technology today-the computer. Now, computers are present in every area of our society. For example, they help save lives. They have connected the world's markets together and the economy relays on computers - cash registers, banks, and the stock market. These things are that people who lived in the past could not even dream about. Another reason that I think the computer is a magical instrument is that I can have fun, relaxation and make money.

In my personal opinion, the computer is more than a simple tool and it is useful. My life changed since the first moment it came into my life and turned my mind completely around. I was fascinated with technology since the first time I used it. I wanted to know how things in a computer work.

I asked many people and unfortunately there were very few who could explain anything about the computer which I was interested. So, I told myself that I want to learn the technology and I would be able to explain how it works to myself.

In the seventh grade I was first time introduced to the world of basic computers. This was the first time I was to explore a complicated machine. I was told that I would

be living with these machines for the rest of my life because these amazing technologies will bring me a better future. So, the school administrators thought it was a great idea to introduce this. I was brought in small groups and given short sessions in which I was allowed to use that for typing and playing a puzzle game on this machine. This was...