Why Prometheus is more courageous than Antigone.

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The Superior One

In Webster's English dictionary admirable characters are defined as characters that are recognized with gratitude, or people being grateful towards a character. In several stories the admirable character would most likely be the hero. In Rex Warner's "Prometheus", the admirable character is Prometheus while in E.F Watling's "Antigone", the admirable character is Antigone and both are struggling to do good. Prometheus is more worthy of this title of being an admirable character then Antigone because he displays a higher amount of courage, determination, and loyalty.

It can be said that the character Prometheus is more appreciated next to Antigone because his courage is slightly more superior. Prometheus possesses courage towards Zeus and his punishments so he could keep his secret to himself unless freed from the chains. "... he would never reveal this secret-never, until he was released from these chains and restored to the honours he had before" (Warner 6-7).

This shows that Prometheus would dare to get severely penalized rather then revealing something priceless unlike Antigone who is quitting and is not fulfilling her wish. Although Antigone knows the consequences for burying Polynices, she has the courage to do so as she states, "Go your own way; I will bury my brother; and if I die for it, what happiness" (Watling 9)! This shows that Antigone has the courage to help one that is already dead

while risking her own life. Prometheus is therefore more courageous because he has to suffer the consequences for a long period of time and essentially die everyday for standing up to Zeus whereas Antigone can just not bear that pain and die for being determined to bury her brother.

Prometheus is respected to a greater degree since he is a bit more determined to accomplish his goal compared...