Why Television Is Harmful To The Cognitive Development Of Children

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television is seen as a tool that can destroy to cognitive and social development of children today. this will be proven by looking at the television as a teaching method, a babysitter, and guide to their development.

first, television is saught upon as a way to teach children. In some cases it is looked as a second teacher for a child. programs suchs as seasame street are a perfect example of such an argument. so is barney and teletubies. they do not teach our children the proper stuff to succeed in their education. thus they are not what one would call a help to our childs cognitive and social development.

secondly, it television is not useful as a babyssitter. instead it blocks a childs ways of thinking thus it is rather harmful to their cognitive and social development. thus a teacher or a human babysitter can nurshish this young minds to begin with.

thirdly, I don't know what but it does not teache them anything but to become lazy and dumb, thus television is not useful and should be disgarded as garbage.

thus television is not a tool for development, both mentally as well as socially, all it does is make children slower and dumber.