Why are women still not equal to men?

Essay by katsruleJunior High, 8th grade September 2004

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Women are equal to men, true or false? Women won there rights, they won the right to vote, to inherit, to be a political figure, to own land, and etc. But if society says that they are equal to men, why are they still opressed? They have proven over and over that they are just as good as men. They are as smart, as dedicated, and as strong as men, but why has no women been president? And why are women raped and abused? If women are equal to men, they should be treated just a fairly, they should have the same chances, but do you see womens on state football teams? Do you see how some countries are sexist, forcing the women to wear veils and etc. If women are equal, why do people still believe that god created man to rule over women? If women are equal, the world is not doing a good job of proving it.

I knew a girl that used to go to our school, she was a year older than me, and she was amazingly talented in football. When she went to high school, she joined the football team. She was happy and excited, she was the first girl that had ever attempted to join the team, and make the tryouts. She was teased by the boys, they said she was tryng to be a man, that she was trying to attract guys, that she was a slut. The harassed her and didn't respect her, saying that girls couldn't play football. Eventually, my friend quit the team, because she couldn't stand it. I live in a country where women are supposedly equal to men, so why is it that every time someone does something considered "manly" they are instantly teased and...