"The Wife of Bath" versus the "Pardoner's Tale" in the eye of the narrator

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The Host's Judgement

I dare say I have a most extreme hard choice to make. For the criteria I have made only one of these two stories have proven themselves better than the other. The Choosing of which one is the only problem I had. The Wife of Bath's And the Pardoner's Tale were so close on a string, it had my mind spinning. The Wife of Bath's Tale is the obvious choice for me, for I fear that The Pardoner's Tale was short of the criteria by one thing, good morality. The Wife's tale meets my criteria over the Pardoner's tale for three reasons. First, she tells all the men exactly what it is that women season. Second, she tells about things of old. Third, she humors us with her words so bold.

Of all the beautiful things, women are the most treasured to me. To know what they desire gives me complete happiness even if what they desire is complete authority over their spouse.

This tale is given an A in general pleasure for this reason. She tells every man what women want when a queen charges a rapist knight, with a quest to find what it is that woman want most, on his life. The knight finds an old women who tells him what it is, complete submission of their spouse. The knights life is saved when he announced those words to the queen. He then must marry the ugly old lady who gets complete control over the knight and in return she transforms into a young faithful wife. Even the knight in this tale was happy in complete submission. The only difference between me and that knight is the knight gave in completely. See I would use that knowledge to get what I want, wouldn't...