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William Shakespeare was born sometime in 1564 in Stratford , Avon.

He was born to local tanner John Shakespeare and Mary Shakespeare.

His actual birthday is unknown but assumed to be on April 23rd, just three days before his baptism was recorded in the Parish of the Holy Trinity Church.

In 1571 Shakespeare was thought to begin his formal education, if by local tradition. In local tradition, children in the Stratford area, entered the local grammar school at age seven. Four years later Queen Elizabeth paid a visit to Kenilworth Castle, very close to Stratford. It is believed that eleven year old William saw the Queen's procession, and recreated it several times later in his historical and dramatic plays.

A few short years later in at age 18, William married an older Anne Hathaway, eight years to be exact. She was from a village just five short miles from Stratford.

They were married on November 27th,1583 .

"Somewhere between 1583 and 1585 Shakespeare is believed to have left his family in Stratford to join a company of actors, the Chamberlain's men."-web site 2 Thus, starting his career in theater.

Shakespeare and his wife had eight children, including his daughter Susanna, twins Hamnet, Judith, and Edmund. Susanna received most of Shakespeare's fortune when he died in 1616 at age 52. Hamnet died at age 11, Judith at 77. Susanna died in 1649, at age 66.

In the year 1590 Shakespeare is believed to have written his very first play, Henry VI, Part One this year. Just two short years later Shakespeare begins to be noticed as a force within London theater. In 1593 Shakespeare begins to compose the first of what will amount to a 154 sonnet collection. His narrative poem Venus and Adonis is his first ever published.

In the year 1595 Shakespeare was very busy as he is thought to have composed the greatest love story of all time, Romeo and Juliet ,along with two other plays. Two years later, Shakespeare bought the New Place, one of Stratford's most beautiful homes. "This fuels speculation today that William Shakespeare was really a successful businessman not just a play writer."-Microsoft Encarta 99 In 1599 The Globe theater opened. Julius Caesar was performed at the Globe Theater for the first known time on September 21 . By 1601 Shakespeare was thought to have composed arguably his greatest ever play, Hamlet. In 1603 A Midsummer's Night is performed at Hampton Court before Queen Elizabeth who died later that year. The return of the plague forces a closure of all playhouses and theaters from the spring of 1608 through to early 1610.During this off time Shakespeare wrote his last play The Two Noble Kinsmen in 1613. Another tragedy with a theater occurs ,the Globe Theater burned to the ground. It was rebuilt and was reopened in 1614, this was a premier Playhouse for his work.

"William Shakespeare died on April 23, 1616 at the age of 53, his burial being recorded in the Stratford Holy Church Register two days later."-Web site #1 .He wrote on average 1.5 plays a year since he first started in 1589. His death shocked a community who loved him and his marvelous work. Much of his Fortune was left to his daughter Susanna.

After his death Shakespeare's play Hamlet amongst others were performed as part of Christmas celebrations at court. "In 1619 Shakespeare's wife, Anne Hathaway died, the same year, Shakespeare's fellow actors John Hemminges and Henry Condell gather together and publish for the first time, 36 of Shakespeare's 37 plays in a collection known as The First Folio."- Web Site #2 I believe that William Shakespeare was one of the most influential people off all time because of what he accomplished in such a little time. He lived a fairly short life of 53 ,very long though for the time period.

In this time Shakespeare created some of the most wonderful words ever put together in the eyes of many. In his 27 years of writing he wrote an average of 1.5 plays a year! He composed a total of 154 sonnets and many poems. His work is very influential in the world, most of his work is still read today dating back from the 1500's! Shakespeare's work was very influential in how the English style of writing is performed today. This is why I believe William Shakespeare is one of the most influential people of all time.