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AbstractThe aim of this paper is to research web services and its current adoption in the industries. This paper will cover an overview of web services and all technologies used within the web services. Xml-based security will be discussed as well. Web services' adoption and its barrier to adoption will be presented. Finally, future development and conclusion will be made.

IntroductionThe objective of this paper is to get a deep insight into what web service is, and its adoption in the current industries. Some background information is shown below.

A web services is just a piece of software, which is built with a range of standards. It can connect and interoperate with other web services, no matter how they were developing and where they are running.

"Web services are self-contained, modular applications that can be described, published, located, and invoked over a network, generally, the World Wide Web (IBM, 2006)."Microsoft

states that "A web service is programmable application logic, accessible using standard Internet protocols."In this paper, first a brief overview of web service will be discussed. Then all technologies and security within web services are concerned. Next part will be web services adoption. Two examples will be discussed which are eBay and Paypal. Finally, future development and conclusion will be presented.

Overview of Web ServicesOver the past a few years, web services have become more and more popular with application developers. This technology provides a significant way for business to communicate with each other. Web services are different from the traditional Server-Client model, such as a web page system web server, they do not provide the user with GUI (Graphic User Interface). However, web services use a programmatic interface to share business logic, data and processes across a network. Then application developers can be able to add the web services...