A Woman in the Presidency: Is America Ready?

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The time is right to elect a women president to office in America. It is the American Women Presidents goal to provide the people, press and political parties a convincing argument and strong women candidates to support the movement. The USA is the oldest democracy in the world and by now should have women leading at the highest levels. In a recent poll 92% of Americans said they would vote for a woman president if she was qualified. Even though we are a democracy, we are not an educated democracy. Americans are finding out that we need to use all of our resources to keep our country on top and women make up over half of the population. Women have and are becoming incredibly powerful leaders and have proved to be strong leaders in congress and other political offices. It is the American Women Presidents intention to support and influence the nation's political agenda by promoting strong women candidates for political office.

Public Opinion

The world is no stranger to women in politics. There are already six female presidents worldwide, there are 14 women in the U.S. Senate, 59 women in the House of Representatives and eight female governors. Yet the United States is the 61st in female representation in the government. (ABC News) According to research done by Lyric Wallwork Winik, more than half of the nation's voters say they will trust either gender equally on matters of foreign policy, homeland security and the economy. (Winik, 2006) Other studies by the Siena Research Institute show similar trends, as seen in the following chart: (www.sri.edu)

Would a woman president be better than a man president on:



No Different

Don't know

Domestic issues, like education and health care policy





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