Women and Love

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Women and Love

Christine Greenwood

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Running head: WOMEN AND LOVE




Women and Love

Sappho was born around 615 B.C. on the Greek Island of Lesbos and died around 550 B.C. Bai Juyi was born on the Chinese island of Henan in 772 and died in 846 (Whittier College, 2004). While Bai Juyi and Sappho are both famous poets who lived centuries ago, they are renowned for their great literary works that are still read today. The poem "The Bloom is not a Bloom" by Bai Juyi is open to many interpretations. "No Word" by Sappho tells the story of a woman who has lost her lover and has received no word from her since her teary departure. Both poets on the surface seemingly write about completely different subjects, but in analyzing their works further, one can tell they shared similar depictions of women and love through their writings of unreliability and sorrow.

The poem "The Bloom is not a Bloom" by Bai Juyi discusses things which are not as they seem; hence the title of the poem, it is about the short-lived nature of love. The bloom refers to a birth of something beautiful, which is often associated with flowers. When flowers are buds about to bloom, they become beautiful flowers that are admired and loved by many. The same idea can be applied to love and women. The author writes about a love which seems to grow and disappear without a trace. Hence, he says, "at midnight she comes and goes again at dawn" (Bai Juyi, n.d.). The poet is trying to show how temporary women are in his life. He seems to be lamenting the loss of a love, and he is never sure how long the...