The women characters of othello, who do not object to being mis-treated by the male characters of othello

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'The Women Characters of Othello are the Compliant Victims of a Male-dominated World' Expand.

The three main female characters in the play at some point show that they are the compliant victims of male dominance. Desdemona, Emilia and Bianca each show them selves up in the sense that that they are allowing themselves to be victimised in the male-dominated world within Othello. We can see that these three female characters are victimised because of the vindictive way in which they are being treated at distinctive places in the novel. Furthermore when they are being victimised they don't protest their cause and only comply with the men who are discriminating them, strengthening the claim that they are the compliant victims of a male-dominated world. And Desdemona is the best example in the sense that she shows willingness and acceptance whilst being ill treated by a different number of men on a different number of occasions in the play.

Desdemona is willing to sacrifice everything for Othello in the play and this could be a reason to whey she is so compliant of his vindictiveness. Desdemona calls Othello her 'lord' on a number of occasions in the play. Desdemona calling Othello 'lord' is an extremely good example of the acceptance she has of living in this male-dominated society. The way Desdemona calls Othello 'lord' makes it seem as if he is her king or perhaps her ruler and that he owns her. Many men were treated in this respect in this era.

Another good example of the acceptance of male-dominance in the play is Bianca. Cassio rejects Bianca on a number of occasions. Cassio also lies about the pair's relationship when confronted but despite this neglect from Cassio Bianca still urges him back.

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