Women In Combat

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Women in Combat Looking back on the past thirty years, women have made great strides towards equality and women's rights. Their motto has been that they can do anything that men can do. Not only have they stated this motto in their fight for equality, but they also have tried to show it in their actions. Although a majority of this struggle has been for equality in the work place, but another important place that women have fought for equality, has been in the military. Although, women are equal in some aspects, they should not be assigned to combat duty equally with men.

Women are definitely equal to men, but when it comes to combat, I think women should be left behind. They maybe equal in value, but not ability. This ability should be defined in the sense of physical strength. Men and women are just made differently. It is a known fact that the average man is stronger than the average women.

This plays an important part in the military, where strength and toughness are essential characteristics. Women have made many attempts to prove that they can survive in combat, but most have failed. For example, a few years ago a woman fought extremely hard to enroll in the Citadel. She won the battle and entered the difficult military school. After a short time she quite, because she just could not keep up with the men. There have been other incidents that prove women should not be assigned to combat duty equally with men. If women can't even attended and complete military training, they don't need to be placed in combat.

Unequal combat duty is very tough to swallow for many women. Even with proof from other women's heroic efforts and failed attempts, there will always be...