Women On Death Row

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Through our history men have been the more violent of our species. Our Prisons hold such criminals as Ted Bundy, Richard Ramirez, and the son of Sam. Today there is a growing trend in our nation's prisons; a small percent of women are being held on death row and this paper will hypothesize how they got there. This paper is to explore and prove that women who kill do so because of abuse endured at home, severe drug abuse, or just total desperation. The author of this paper will be expressing on fact and case history as well as those whom do not agree.

Abuse at home is normally hidden from the neighbors and family members; this paper will now discuss just how abuse at home can develop into a much larger tragic life changing moment. Andrew Beck the author of "Violence and the Family. Report of the American Psychological Claims "Substance abuse as well as phyical [sic] abuse is implicated in the histories and capital offenses of a significant proportion of death row inmates.(Beck

et al) A sizeable percentage of the death row participants in these studies reported histories of substance abuse in the community, and many were under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs at the time of their capital offenses a finding consistent with research on substance abuse among incarcerated homicide offenders." (Beck et al). According to the Women's International Network News, every nine seconds in the U.S. a man abuses his female intimate partner. Sexual, physical, and emotional abuses are often ignored by authorities when they occur within the home. This forces women to defend themselves or their children, sometimes by murdering their abusive partner. It was not until the 1990s that the U.S. Supreme Court acknowledged Battered Woman's Syndrome as a legal defense for...