Women Drivers

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Who makes better drivers? Male drivers think women drivers are crap. Women drivers think male drivers should just get over it.

There are good and bad drivers on the road, and natural abilities such as spatial awareness, hand / eye coordination and common sense play a strong part in whether you should be allowed behind the wheel of a car.

But claiming someone is a rubbish driver just because of the amount of oestrogen in their bodies? Pointless! Want to throw up that hairy old argument about insurance rate differences between the sexes? It's all about statistics: and there are some fairly obvious reasons why women figure low in the insurance claims stats.

For a start women are less likely to be driving a particularly powerful car, if you meander along in a one litre Micra you're less likely to slam into something; Women generally make shorter car journeys then men (school runs, shopping trips); Women are less likely to speed (nothing to prove about parts of our anatomy: if someone sees a woman driving a Golf GTi they don't assume she has big breasts) Women feel no overwhelming need to drive up someone's rear-end in an attempt to intimidate the comfy family car off the road with their BMW five series Meanwhile....

many male drivers feel the need to betray the lack of testosterone in their bodies by speeding; they also like to think they have faster response and reaction times; they will also assume that if the car in front is sticking to the speed limit then it must be a woman.

It may be all well and good owning a car that gets from 0-60 in 5.7 seconds, but 60-0 in anything more than a nanosecond can end someone's life.

Oh, and just a little sexist dig: you see it all comes down to brain mechanics - women are more cautious on the road because they have the capacity to pay attention to more than one thing at a time.