Women on the front lines

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Anastasia Leuckel

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SP180 Public Speaking

Assignment 7 Speech

Women on the front lines-Ban or Not?

Principles of Public Speaking

Instructor: Liberatriz Malarkey

Written by: Anastasia Leuckel

October 20,2013

I am a female Marine. I love my country and my Marine Corps. Unfortunately men and women were not physically or emotionally created equal. I do not believe that females should be given equal opportunity roles with males in combat. Many might think that I am a sexist, but I am not, I am a realist and fear for all my fellow females in uniform if our government allows females to serve in combat. I feel that it will drastically affect our countries combat readiness and it is a misuse of time, training, and resources.

The most obvious reason that females shouldn't be allowed to serve in combat is they are not as physically strong as males. For good reason God gave us each our own strengths and weaknesses.

Today in each branch of the United States Armed forces there are different physical standards for males and females. An example of this is with the United States Marine Corps physical fitness exam that is given twice a year, for a male to earn a 100 on the PFT he must run three miles within 18 minutes, complete 100 crunches and do 20 pull ups. For a female to earn a 100 on her PFT she must run the three miles in 21 minutes, do 100 crunches, and hold a flex arm hang for 70 seconds. Why? Let's be realistic and answer this question honestly, if there were not separate standards for males and females, there probably wouldn't be that many females in our armed forces today. If you look at a male and a female your eyes will not...