Women Outnumber Men in College

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A generation ago, it was expected that most middle-class boys would go on to college and land high-paying, white-collar jobs after high school. Women were presumed to be headed for a life of homemaking or low-paid administrative or service labor. It is fairly well known that today women outnumber men in American colleges. The U.S. Census Bureau has released information about educational attainment in the United States and the Population Reference Bureau is reporting that significantly more women than men are obtaining their four-year college degree.

I analyzed ten of my friends; five men and five women all between the ages of 25 and 30 years old. Out of the 5 women, one had received her BA degree, one had received her AS degree and was no longer in school, one was currently in school to acquire her AS degree, and two had previously completed about one year of college with no degree.

Out of the 5 men only one had went to college and had also received his AS degree. In this observation it was clear that the education level of the women exceeded that of the men.

I did not want this observation of mine to be a bias observation because these ten candidates were friends of mine so I randomly selected ten other candidates to observe. The way I found these ten random candidates was by posting a question on yahoo answers asking people to leave their age, sex and education level on my posting. Ten women and six men responded to my posting, making a total of sixteen people of which ten were chosen randomly for my observation.

Dyche2Out of the ten people I randomly selected I found again that the education level of the women exceeded that of the men. With a total of...