Women's fashion in the 1960s

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In Australia in the 1960s, fashion was the typical mini skirt, pantyhose and long flat black and white boots almost similar to the fashion in our days! Fashion went through a craze called the hippie cult. In the 1960s it was ethnic, second hand and handmade clothing that everyone was wearing. The colors were bright and different i.e. aqua, beige, black, blue, green , navy, pink, red, turquoise and white. The hippie fashion also included garments such as, the bell bottomed jeans, tie-dyed fabrics and also other batik fabrics.

Art and fashion united, artists such as Christo and Mimi Smith, created clothes as works of art, while designers looked at popular art for patterns. There were a lot of circles, squares, spirals and paisley prints on the fabrics worn by people.

Later in the decade pants were approved of and were commonly worn. Denim was also very popular among the adolescents of the 1960s.

In 1966 a young woman called Mary Quant produced the mini skirt and bought it into fashion. The skirt was about 7 inches (18cm) above the knee! The mini skirt was clean and cut with a young look to it; they were mostly made from cotton fabrics.

With the mini skirtMary Quant also bought in the mini dress also known as the "smock", which was a big fad in Australia because of the hot weather. With these dresses and skirts normally flat long black or white boots were worn.

By the sixties wearing sport clothes became trendy. The tracksuit was a trend of the 1960s. Matching bottoms were added to the anorak tops(hooded pullover jumpers) athletes wore and the tracksuit was born.

Women also started wearing trousers which were a practical alternative smarter than jeans that could be worn day or evening. Quite formal...