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The Earthworm Study

rmly into the hole where it can re-enter the hole in a hurry.How does the earthworm survive in very hot or very cold weather?In very cold or hot weather, the worm plugs the opening of the burrow and r ...

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Exercise in the heat.

cclimatise their athletes for competition in the heat. Performance is almost always worsened during hot weather, and sometimes the heat can pose a threat to the athlete's health. Some famous champions ... n pose a threat to the athlete's health. Some famous championship marathon races that where held in hot weather provide some examples of serious heat illness, including Dorando Pietri in the 1908 Olym ...

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"Out Of Many Waters" by Jaqueline Green.

, however, which was shown when Isobel's sister was whipped and then made to walk many miles in the hot weather.Another thing my book showed was that Amsterdam was a place where Jews could go and live ...

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heat in its body. Many sun themselves to warm their bodies, but too much heat can kill them. So in hot weather, they hide in cool places and in cold weather they hide and enter and inactive state sim ...

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Two Similar Countries

e of the idea of going to South Africa; I knew then that my summer would ruined by the African very hot weather and hungry beasts. But I was wrong because the two counties were almost the same in the ...

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Tiger Snake

trike low to the ground but very fast. Tiger snakes are active mainly at daytime or at dusk, but in hot weather they like to hunt at night.HABITAT: Tiger snakes prefer swampy or marshy ground, where t ...

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Poem- My Savior

have hope a wish faithCall it what you willThat one day it will be betterAlways feeling cold in the hot weatherBecause the black whole is suckingTrying to take me down because I am weakBecause they hu ...

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Air conditioning systems

inventor of the air conditioner. His life-long hard work has resulted in many of us today enjoying hot summer days indoors.But what is an air conditioning system? And what are the effects of using it ... ng, consumers planned food, clothes, work, and entertainment around ways to alleviate the impact of hot weather. With a technological alternative now available, those methods have declined, and their ...

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The Colosseum

ocial class. The poor had the less desirable positions while the rich had favorable seating. In the hot weather, a giant tarp-like curtain, called a velarium, could be stretched across the top of the ...

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Women's fashion in the 1960s

bought in the mini dress also known as the "smock", which was a big fad in Australia because of the hot weather. With these dresses and skirts normally flat long black or white boots were worn.By the ...

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Geographical Issues: Air Quality Report

nditions. A few factors contribute towards this: when an easterly wind hit's Sydney, the weather is hot and humid, and emissions and pollutants are at a high, Photochemical smog is formed from the che ... and in turn causes a thick haze that results in health problems and poor visibility. When there is photochemical smog present, the only way it will recede is if there is a cool snap in the weather, or ...

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