Poem- My Savior

Essay by teh~sabrina February 2007

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A black hole that keeps sucking me in

Voices yelling voices of hurt and pain

All the love is gone eyes are cold

No one to help as I spiral down

Who has that caring voice that will help

The embrace that will save me

The one who will listen because you need them to

The one that will wipe away those tears

As I pray again and again but it never works

My words are meaningless with no one to listen

They are said then they fall without a thought

I have hope a wish faith

Call it what you will

That one day it will be better

Always feeling cold in the hot weather

Because the black whole is sucking

Trying to take me down because I am weak

Because they hurt me

Because they don't listen

They never have and never will

It's too much to ask

Should I give up my hope?

Stop wishing?

Believe that ill get through it?

Ill never get through it .

. . no way to help it

Wishes of a savior go unheard and unwanted

Staring at the night sky for inspiration . . . finding none

Finding meaning in everything because I have changed

Screaming hurting and wishing trying to make you understand

Deciding you never will no matter how hard I fight

They have ruined me

What will you do as I lay dying

Will you become my savior?