New Beginning/Ray of Hope/Wandering in Darkness Write a poem. It does not have to rhyme.

Essay by BlackRoseKai May 2009

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As i walked around in darkness, I believe there was no hope.

There is no one standing here beside me, and I want about to give up.

Through the darkness I heard a voice call my name, “Don't give up, don’t give in to this darkness.”And as I searched blindly through darkness, I began to shout. “Who's there? Who's calling? Who is there calling me through this thick darkness loud and crystal clear?”A reply came through cutting this darkness revealing a light saying, "I am here open your eyes and come follow me to where light cancels out this darkness. Where I wish to help you start your new beginning.”Then as I opened up my eyes and saw a figure standing there in light. Amazed, I began to walk toward the light and gentle voice. And as i walked i began to think who is this person whose light gives me hope.

Who found me wandering in darkness? Then when I reached the end I looked around just to see no one standing here.

Then without thinking I shouted, "Where are you my radiant Savior? Where are you my ray of hope? Who saved me from the darkness which was my heart? Why can't I see you? Why can't I hear you? Please say something to me let me hear your voice. Please tell me what I need to do to start over clean.

Then I heard that gentle voice that sounded oh so beautiful to me when I was found wandering in darkness. The voice called and said to me, "I am always by your side though you may not see me, I will show you where to go and give you hints along the way, but you will have to finish this journey on your own. So I welcome to your new start line. Welcome to your new beginning. Welcome to the new beginning of the rest of your life.