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Working in the Clouds

Although becoming a pilot may take hard work and dedication, it also offers great beauty and the satisfaction of accomplishing an important goal. Nearly one hundred years ago the idea of human flight was thought absurd. Flying was something one only did while he was dreaming; but presently one can fly to his destination in the utmost comfort and safety, thanks to the airplane.

The first flight took place on December 17, 1903, in Kill Devil Hills near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. The inventors were Wilbur and Orville Wright, the Wright brothers. Orville made the first successful flight. Although their 'air machine' flew for only twelve seconds, the Wright brothers started a revolution that has greatly affected the entire world. 'The time will come when gentlemen, when they are to go on a journey, will call for their wings as regularly as they call for their boots.

-Bishop Wilkens (Glaeser ,i).'

With the success of the Wright brothers' flight came renovations that have made everyday flight possible. Airplanes are used for a variety of things, travel is only one of many.

Aviation is divided into three sectors. The first sector of aviation is military aviation. Military aviation refers to aircraft flown by the armed forces. Aircraft have a chief weapon in many wars. The major air arms of the world's military, has a variety of aircraft developed for both strategic and tactical purposes, such as, the supersonic fighter and the strike aircraft. Some of these advanced aircraft have the capability of flying three times the speed of sound and carrying missiles and radar-directed antiaircraft artillery.

The second sector of aviation is commercial aviation. Commercial aviation began in Germany in 1910. Commercial aircraft provide public air transportation to approximately five hundred locations throughout the country into...