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Varying motivational strategies exist within companies all over the world which are implemented in order to ensure smooth functioning of both management and of production. In this paper I am going to discuss some of the strategies that have been put into place within the organization I work for, various organizational efforts they have implemented, and two motivational theories not currently in practice within the organization.

"To some extent, a high level pf employee motivation is derived from effective management practices." (Cliffs Notes, 2000-2009). Some of these strategies are as follows: empowering employees, providing an efficient reward system, treating everyone fairly, restructuring jobs, and positive reinforcement. The list could go on forever but keep in mind that every motivational strategy can have an impact on productivity.

The step of empowering employees comes with a certain level of responsibility for managers. When a manager not only trusts an individual not only to complete his or her assigned tasks but to go above and beyond in an effort to better the organization and themselves, they are ultimately allowing for autonomy.

The manager is propagating feelings of trust and confidence into the individual, thus encouraging them to accomplish more in order to increase productivity. My boss has always allowed me to not only complete my tasks without hassle but has also continued to provide me with the tools to expand my career knowledge in an effort to expand my abilities. Providing an effective rewards system is important because rewards do not always serve as a positive outcome. These rewards need to possess the ability to satisfy all employees, comparable to those offered by competitive organizations, distributed fairly and equally, and a range of incentives. With the failing economy, the organization for which I work has cut down its efforts in regard...