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Triangle Trade Assignment

Triangular Trade was a trade system used in the colonial era during the mid to late 1600s in early American History. It was given the 'triangle' name because of the shape the continuous trading routes created; Europe to Africa, Africa to America/ West Indies, and back to Europe. The three main traded items during these times were labour, crops, and manufactured goods. The Triangular Trade portrayed the struggle between economy and humanity, as it was unable for the economy to grow in the colonies without the suffering of the African slaves to push it upwards. It showed how ruthless and ethically disgraceful top business men were in order to make money and the ignorance of natural human rights.

The Triangular Trade was significant to the world, and to the 4 parts associated with the trading system- Britain, America, Africa, and West Indies. The Triangular Trade established an early international trading system between those parts of the world, and they traded for what was considered valuable to each specific region.

Things that are not native to specific regions in the world, for a modern example; Canada's forestry and Africa's minerals. Both lands each have an abundance of natural goods that the other does not, and what one considers useless and plenty, the other considers valuable and rare. The system was important to the British because their settled colonies in America were having a hard time keeping up with the demand for raw materials, and what the slaves did that were shipped in was speed up the process immensely. The rich bought the workers to work in the fields to pick the crops as well as do house work, which they did quickly and efficiently, overall speeding up production and maximizing loads being sent to...