The World and Globalization.

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What happens when a process that effects the environment, the culture, the political system and the economical development of societies around the world becomes so common that it destroys the one thing that makes this world so wonderful, Variety not only in culture but in the way people govern themselves. This process is called Globalization, a process driven by international trade and investment supported by information and technology. In 1995 under the Uruguay Round Agreements of the General Agreement of Trade and Tariffs, GATT, the World Trade Organization, also known as the WTO, was created, an organization which is membered by 134 countries, created in order to better the standings of corporations in international trade. Before the creation of the WTO the policy of trade by the General Agreement of Trade and Tariffs was forcing counties not only to lower tariffs of exporting goods but also in production by imposing on or paying off weak governments.

But with the creation of the WTO corporations cannot only impose on third world countries but everywhere around the world tearing down any government organizations that would protect or stand up for their workers, consumers or the environment and worst of all, all done legally also known as free trade. The process called globalization along with the WTO puts the United States in a position where it is losing jobs for regular working class Americans because the work that can be done here, paying every worker a salary deserved with benefits can be done in another country for a third of the price with no set regulations of payment, production or environmental safety. The WTO left little room for domestic policies to protect its citizens, if the acts of the WTO are questioned by any other member country of the WTO the issue will...