World Bank Case Study

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Executive Summary3

Company Background3

Problems and Opportunities5



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2. Buisness IT alignment

Maturity Assessment

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Executive Summary:

Information technology and business process alignment has always been a big issue for companies that are contemplating the implementation of IT infrastructural changes within their organizations. Most of the IT operations performed are not well understood by the business perspective and this creates the 'gap' between business and IT goals. The business users' requirements are ideally supposed to be understood and supported by the IT applications and a mutual synergy of both needs to be established. This is a major challenged faced by most companies that consider redesigning their business or IT processes.

In this case study, The World Bank is an example of a global company which is struggling with the mis-alignment between its business and IT processes.

Redesign and reorganization of the roles and responsibilities of a company faced by mistrust between business and IT executives, the World Bank is seeking a solution to not only overcome these inhibitors but also become a world-class repository of development experience and knowledge helping all entities that did business with the bank

Company Background:

The World Bank is highly renowned in providing services (loans, policy advice, technical assistance and knowledge sharing services) to low and middle income countries to reduce poverty all over the world. The bank has been in operation for more than 50 years and has developed its operations based on repletion and following best pratices which have evolved over the period.

The President of the company is ambitious of evolving a new image of the World Bank- that becoming a world class repository of development experience and...