World war one.

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" The developed world was poised on the brink of war in 1911, with Britain and Germany in an arms race and all the great powers locked in precarious alliances." (Pg 40) A soldier's wife received her husband's journals that he wrote while out in war for his country. His name was Kobra Bubbles. He had died at the war that ended World War 1 in honour and bravery. He was a good man, who loved his family dearly and will miss them all as he wrote in every journal article how much he loved his family missing them dearly. As he writes each time he had a chance.

Dear Journal

As I write to you, I am on a train off to a military camp. I miss my family all so much already, I wish I could see them but in time I will. I am getting ready to go aboard the first built battleships, the HMS Dreadnought, in 1906.

I hear now that Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm II, who is rival to Britain on our high seas, to support his Weltpolitik. I don't know what that means but rumours say it is a policy of imperialism that has ordered almost identical ships as ours to be built. This is a complication because we only have 29 Dreadnoughts and I hear Germany is building and will have a total of 40 battleships an 60 cruisers by the of this decade. This is a disadvantage for us if we are to go to war with Germany, since we have such a great European power we are going to be locked in an arms race with are heavy industries and advance technologies. This is no good because this is a big positive factor that will lead to wars. This...