World War one and its impacts in the homefront

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WORLD WAR ONE: The Home Front


Total war and its social and economic impact on civilians in Britain and Germany

Source I

Date: issued in June 2nd 1917

Author: issued by the British Government

Type: visual Primary source

Perspective: this is a British perspective clearly shown by the "British ministry of food" print in the bottom left corner

Part B

This is a propaganda poster issued by the British Ministry of Food to the British public to promote food rationing. This source illustrates the impact of total war in Britain, this poster shows that war not only had created social problems but also significant economic problems. The mother and her daughter are thinking seriously about the effect of the U boat campaign and that is to encourage people to avoid waste to "defeat the u boat". It creates an idea that the sacrifice the public is making is small compared to what the British soldiers as well as it shows that was happening at the frontline was affecting the home front, it symbolises the idea of "total war". It also reveals the impact that the U-Boat campaign in 1917 brought.. This poster tells the people to save on bread and avoid waste. It expresses the threat of the U boat campaign. This in turn reveals the importance of small efforts on the overall war effort and the problems total war had created in people's everyday lives.

Part C In studying WW1's social and economic impacts on the people of Britain this source is useful but to a certain extent due to its several limitations. The message of the poster asks people to give , but it doesn't for them to, until 1918 the British government appealed to voluntary efforts. It asked the public to reduce the...