What Would Jesus Think of Us Now?

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What Would Jesus Think of Us Now

After reading the chapters in the book on the new testament I decided to address the question of had Jesus presently come to the twentieth century what would he find most troubling and in need of attention.

Something I feel Jesus would find troubling and in need of attention is the lack of respect people have for the union of marriage in the twentieth century. Couples say vows in front of witnesses and make a commitment to God and to each other to honor those vows and the sacrament of marriage and then when things don't go the way they expected they immediately seek attention from someone else outside the marriage or head right for the courtroom and a divorce.

Our society promotes and encourages people to live with their significant other before making a commitment of marriage then couples can see if they are compatible enough to take the relationship further.

Marriage is a foundation built on tolerance, compassion, faith, love and trust. When two people live together they begin to build this foundation without the true commitment of marriage and are easily able to see outside the "living arrangement" when things become too complicated and the effort too great. The arrangement can be discarded very easily and replacements brought in only to repeat the process.

For every relationship that a person develops he/she brings into the next relationship all the "lessons learned" in hopes that the new relationship will not be plagued with the same issues. These lessons can be gained in a traditional dating process without having to live together. Making the decision to live together indicates that you have found your mate's qualities compatible enough to take to a level of what could be considered marriage, but without respecting...