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I was just four; yet I remembered everything.

I remembered it was an early Tuesday evening when I was hastily asked to get into the car. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry and I somehow dares not question why.

I climbed into the car obediently, along with everyone else. The trip was silent and faces were solemn. I could not understand what was going on but I knew something was not right.

The car halted. We were soon walking toward a white building. Inside,the floor was rather dirty because of the muddy shoes of people coming in from the rain that evening. There was a slight musty smell as well as the smell of medicine. The walls were all bare except for a small clock and a little sign saying "Closed on Deepavali, 15th November". There were several doors of which one was open. We all entered that room.

There stood 'Tai Ku' and 'Kew Kew' and 'Yi Po' and every other relative that I could recognize. Everyone crowded around a familiar small-framed body lying on the portable bed, which was apparently pulled out from a huge refrigerator. "Po Po!" I shouted cheerfully. "I'm here! Wake up, Po Po! Wake up!"Sometimes when my grandmother stayed over at out house, it was my duty to wake her up each morning. I took pride in such privilege. It seemed to me that everyone was standing there waiting for me to carry out the task then.

However, 'Tai Ku', who stood behind me, turned my head towards hers. She gave me a sad look. She held me tightly against her bosom and started crying. Then she whispered gently, " Its time to say goodbye to Po Po."The next few hours drifted by like a series of unfamiliar events. I...