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Article Write-up 4

Student name: Naijia Dong A20301000

November 6th, 2013

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Citation: MCCARTNEY, SCOTT. "Dear Airline, Here's the Problem...," Wall St. Journal., 03 Apr 2013. Web. 6 Nov 2013.


Article Summary:

In the article "Dear Airline, Here's the Problem...," author Scott McCartney states that satisfaction surveys from customers are very important to airlines. First, airline surveys are influencing everything from menu choices to airport and airplane repairs; the questions are specific, and if a customer gives a low score, additional questions pop up so the airline can focus on clients' problems. Second, by doing surveys, airlines can identify customer complaints and give customers outlets which they hope will reduce the number of complaints at the DOT or gripes on social media, both of which can cause big problems for the airlines.

Different companies focus on different parts of surveys, which evaluate captains, entertainment, food, and airports. After receiving the feedback, they make specific changes to provide better service. Frequent fliers spend a great deal of time with airlines, so they care more about a good flight than a satisfactory hotel, and this is why airlines get huge response rates for their surveys: 15% to 20% for airlines as opposed to 5% for other email questionnaires. Survey results influence employees a lot; they affect salary, bonuses, and trainings. Many carriers adopt "Net Promoter Scores" in their surveys. NPS is core to how they make decisions, because it is a means of analyzing customer loyalty, which of course impacts sales. McCartney also states that whether the airline runs on time and how airlines react to delays is one of the biggest drivers of scores. In fact,