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On Writing by Stephen King

Stephen King is proclaimed the most successful writer of our time, and boasts an impressive number of bestsellers. On Writing appears to be a kind of a program, partly memoir, and partly meditation on the writer's life. King decided to work on this book after he was hit by a car. As often happens after such shocks, he revised his attitude to life and to his own craft. In response to skeptics who do not take the popular writer as a teacher of good style, the famous journalist Roger Ebert said: "A lot of people were outraged that he was honored at the National Book Awards, as if a popular writer could not be taken seriously. But after finding that his book On Writing had more useful and observant things to say about the craft than any book since Strunk and White's The Elements of Style, I have gotten over my own snobbery" (Ebert).

All in all, at the beginning of the book, the author points out the debatable issue on the writer's calling, saying that the writer cannot be "made" under some circumstances or free will. However, there is a believe that the true writer has to have a bit of innate talent, which he or she would develop with the help of free will and constant self-education.

First of all, it should be said that occasionally the people are born with extraordinary abilities, striking intelligence, leaving a big mark in history. They are often called geniuses. They are born or made by self-development and free will is unknown. Famous scientist Thomas Edison thought that genius is a 99 percent of work to exhaustion and one percent imagination. One can argue...