A writing piece both discussing, asking, and answering questions about faith and religion.

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Re: What to think?

Lots of people are facing the same questions about religion, and I think it's your attitude towards finding or wanting a solution that will ultimately determine where you end up.

Some say that God has been around forever, but you then have to think what man's interpretation of forever is. To man, forever is as long as we can remember in human history, which really... it may be a hundred thousand years. When we use the term forever it basically means since the planet was born, since the beginning of time. But for a divine entity to have created the planets is a completely different matter, and therefore some rule it out. Another theory is perhaps the one that there is a life force within everything, and the combination of that live force is what we may call God. It's not just the Christians that have a religion, there are others out there.

The problem with Christianity is that it's forced upon everyone right from the beginning. There's no other choice, and then you get forced into thinking that there are no other religions out there, and if there are, they can't be right because Christian dogma states that there is only one religion. Because of this fact if you're not sure about the religion that's being forced on you, you should check out some of the other religions, and see if they have beliefs that make a little more sense.

All in all, people are allowed to believe whatever they want to believe, my problem with religion is that so many people are just blindly following the crowd, or are being ultimately faithful for a purpose they themselves don't understand. It's not wrong to question or to try and figure stuff out, because you...