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In the two part series of the X-files, Neisi and 731, Scully comes to the conclusion that she was never actually abducted by aliens, but instead abducted by a Japanese scientist named Dr. Sama. These episodes are about a group of Japanese scientists who work secretly on trains, performing autopsies on creatures that appear to be aliens. This comes to attention when Mulder buys a VHS tape off the Internet that are the recordings of these autopsies. However, after investigating, Scully believes the experiments to be only on lepers, despite there alien like appearance. She also recognizes one of the doctor's faces on the tape as one of the men who experimented on her, causing her to completely put to rest any beliefs she ever had of being abducted by aliens. This made sense to me, until I reviewed my notes I had taken on the episode called Dwayne Berry.

I've come to the conclusion that Scullys flashback of how she was experimented on by Dr.Sama was incorrect. I believe Scully and the group of abducted women, had really been taken aboard an alien spacecraft.

In Neisi, one of the best known Japanese scientists in the group is Dr. Samma. He has a long track record of performing painful and very cruel experiments on his patients. He had at one time worked on lepers at the Hansens Disease Research Facility before leaving the facility and the lepers to go un-medicated. His lab is very similar if not the same as the lab that was broken into by a swat team on the VHS tape that Mulder owns. The inside looks just like any hospital operating room. In the center of the room is the operating table, a bright fluorescent white light, and white tiled floor along with machines...