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Auteur Assignment

Martin Scorsese


Martin Scorsese plays many different rolls in the world of film. He started from the beginning, making numerous prize winning short films such as "The Big Shave" (1968). Born in New York City, Scorsese was raised in the neighbourhood of Little Italy, which greatly influenced many of his films. He directed his very first feature film (entitled "Who's That Knocking At my Door") in 1967 at the early age of 26. A few years later Scorsese was awarded with critical, popular praise for writing and directing Mean Streets, inspired by his home town, the movie was set on the "mean streets" of little Italy, telling the story of a small time gang struggling to reach success. It was on the set of this movie where Scorsese was to meet actor and recurrent collaborator Robert De Niro, he was to appear in countless of Scorsese's films such as "Taxi Driver", "Raging Bull", "Goodfellas" and many more.

Scorsese's phenomenal talent in the movie-making game allows him to successfully act as director, producer, screenwriter and even actor in a few cases. In my opinion, one thing that all of his films have in common is that they kept me interested and involved throughout the entire movie, no boring bits.


Most people think that Martin Scorsese is just a director of New York gangster movies, But those who really know Scorsese's career know that the path he has taken isn't even vaguely that simple. And while it is easy to think of him as a man who works primarily in one mode, it is far more fascinating to see how he has been able to apply his talent to a very diverse array of subjects. The general atmosphere and vibes that his movies create range from gruesome, violent...