Youth violence and community build

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Youth violence

Youth violence is a complex issue in every country. Several homicides happened at Scarborough early this month have caused wider concern. Some people blame government official; they claim that officials have failed to solve gun and gang. Some people blame mass media; they believe that media misled the young to violence by emphasizing too much on violence and sex pictures. Other people even blame school; they point out that current school system in Canada is losing its role in youth moral education. All of these blames sound reasonable, but it is not exemplary for the simple reason that they have never blamed themselves but only others, as if prevention of youth violence is none of their business. In fact, to build a healthy, strong community is the best way to prevent youth violence, If Scarborough residents hope to stay away from violence they should begin to think about these suggestions: providing positive environments for youth, carrying out self-protective programs, and solving the emerging problems.

A famous Chinese saying is " a white silk that dyes with cinnabar becomes red, dyes with ink becomes black." A negative surrounding is a main reason that leads youth violence. In " A Brother's Murder," Brent Staples depicts in detail the environment of an " angry, heavily black" (Staples, 518) inner city Staples brothers lived in when they were young. Staples writes that he "was introduced to mortality" (Staples, 518) when he was fourteenth years old. After that, incidents came one by one. His "teenager cousin was shot dead. "(Staples, 518) A "angry young neighbor" (Staples, 518) solved his problem by using gun, and wounded him badly. Another teenage neighbor who involved in gun shooting displayed his bandages " proudly" (Staples, 518). Being grew up in such environment, his brother certainly "wear his...