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Have you ever thought of what you would do if there was a zombie outbreak? Would you be able to survive the outbreak, and how would you do it? With my help I may be able to give you all the information you will need to increase your chances of survival in a zombie outbreak.

Imagine your self driving at night down the road with a buddy or two with you, and out of nowhere a few zombies are walking down the road. You get closer and they appear normal, but upon closer look you see that there is something wrong with their faces. You get even closer and see that there is no way that they are alive. Their faces are pale, cuts are on them, and you see blood dripping down their face. What do you do. Well obviously don’t pick them up and let they them bite you or something.

Drive away.

Before you can know what you should do to survive a zombie outbreak you first need to know what different types of zombies there are. Not to get to much in detain in modern society there is thought to only be two types of zombies. The types are< A- Voodoo Zombies, and B- Scientific experiment zombies.

The Voodoo Zombie, in modern films, would be kind of like in the movie The Mummy where The mans body went through zombieification to preserve the body with voodoo magic. But despite all the powers the man had in this movie, voodoo zombies normally do not have super powers. Though voodoo zombies do not have super powers, they do not sleep. They are impervious to pain and do not require air to breath. They are also immune to drugs, poisons, gases, extreme temperature and pressure, high voltage, suffocation and drowning. Zombies feel no pain so you can cause great bodily pain and the zombie will still try to get you. Thus cutting off limbs will not stop them for instance if you cut their legs off, they will still wiggle on the ground for you. The only way to stop a zombie is to cause extreme head damage.

The other type of zombie, my favorite type, would be the scientific experiment type of zombie. This is the more common in modern society movies and games. Once such example would be Resident Evil. In this movie there are people that are infected with a experimental virus, the T virus, and then thus die and their bodies are then mutated. These types of zombies are more complicated that the voodoo zombies. These zombies have the same concept as the voodoo zombies, you can cut their legs arms off and they will still be alive. You still have to inflict direct damage to the brain. There is obviously a catch though. Scientific experiment zombie usually and most likely have super strength because of the mutating of the body this thus most likely makes the muscles stronger. Yet again the way to stop this zombie is to cause head damageZombies that are created by voodoo are usually created for a certain purpose of the creator, such as them being their slaves. With control over them this makes it so voodoo zombies can be harmless. Hollywood portrays zombies as both only intellectually and physically driven by his all-consuming hunger for fresh human flesh.

A very horrible thought about zombies is the rate at which it can spread. increasing their numbers to vast measures. The bite of a zombie will cause its victim to quickly grow sick and die only to rise again as a zombie. The time that the person is fully a zombie depends on where they were bit. If there were bit on the neck the infection get to and will take over their brain quicker then when bit on the foot.

Zombies can be very dangerous creatures, but it is good to know that there are weaknesses to them. Despite the fact that they cannot be harmed other than damaging their head, and that they can be extremely strong, but they are considerably slower that average humans, possessing poor agility and coordination. Most zombies have difficulty with simple mechanical objects and obstacles such as doorknobs, latches, stairs, and fences. This slowness and uncoordination is caused by the lack of function of the brain. When confronted individually, zombies appear rather weak, but the creature's true threat is revealed when they are encountered in huge numbers. Zombies don’t get tired so their stampedes of tireless, flesh-eating beings will assault you on every side and corner causing escape to be almost impossible.

There are many considerations as to what you would do first in a zombie outbreak. Would you first go get food, would you hide, gather weapons, find shelter, who should you be with, how many people should you be with, ect. While you're preparing, always keep in mind locations where people congregate, you're likely to find zombies and things may turn ugly. Highways, malls, and schools are especially bad. The three most important things in a zombie attack is defensive weapons, such as guns, knifes, swords, bows and arrows, hatchets, molitov cocktails, grenades, blunt weapons, safety, you will sometime need a safe place to rest without zombies, since they never need sleep, and food. This is the basis of Surviving a zombie attack. Group size should be taken in to consideration . Having too many to have to watch out for and feed is a bad idea. Not having enough people to help defend against a ginormous group of zombies. Having few Males and a females with you is also a necessity. If you are the last surviving people you need to have a way to repoplulate.

Now to talk about weapons. What are good choices? You need to consider many aspects on this one. Having more weapons is the best idea and store them. The ideal combatant will have a weapon for long, medium, and close distances. A scoped rifle for long distance would be nice, handguns provide good defense against zombies at a medium distance, and a shot gun would be idle for close range combat, and dagger or sword of some sort. Ammo is also a necessity a gun with no ammo is useless.

A safe house is now needed, a place that you can go to every night or days at a time with out zombies being able to enter. A good idea to think about when doing this is finding a small but well stocked grocery store with lots of canned foods and sorts, with only about 2 entrances is a good idea to think of. Store food and weapons here.

Having big groups in this small store will deplete your food supply quickly but the chances of death by zombie is slimmer. Smaller groups will make it harder to defend but more food for longer.

When you are all settled and safe. A good idea would be to make an armour of some sort to defend from zombie bites. It is dumb to walk around with t-shirts on. Zombies can bite through this. Leather will suffice, but don’t be afraid to use random items to protect your skin. The Idle item for this would be a shark suit, these are light and easy to move in, while at the same time will not be able to be bitten through.

Now you have the basis of Zombie survival. The next steps is up to you. You will have to think of long term survival ideas soon real soon. But as long as you are equiped now to survive you should be fine. Just remember The three important most important steps to survival, Defense, food, and safety. With those three steps accomplished your chances of survival increase substantially.

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