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Enzyme Kinetics Lab Report: The reaction rate of enzyme, '-amylase in Starch-Iodine solution at different temperatures and pH levels

Abstract:This experimentation was to evaluate absorbance and the reaction rate of an enzyme, '-amylase in starch-iodine solution. We will be testi ... would determine at which temperature and pH level the enzyme worked the most efficiently. Analyzing absorbance of the solutions with spectrophotometery will determine the reaction rate.To test the opt ... To test the optimal pH, the starch and a buffer were combined at a specific pH level and tested the absorbance of a solution at various times. To resolve the reaction rate of a solution at various tem ...

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Photosynthesis lab report

d the optimal rate of photosynthesis by using a spectrophotometer, measuring the greatest change in absorbance. From this experiment, two data charts and four graphs were obtained. The hypothesis was ... , we set the wavelength at 600 nm, placed the blank cuvette into the spectrophotometer, and set the absorbance at zero. The laboratory was kept dark during the experiment to prevent light pollution.To ...

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Determining the Properties of an Enzyme - Establish the Most Optimal Environment for a Peroxidase Enzyme

ects showed the amount of activity and determined the optimal pH level. The spectrometer showed the absorbance units at 500nm and determined the optimal temperature. The temperatures tested where 4&or ... to part of the enzyme and block the substrate from entering. This would be measured by decrease of absorbance units.MATERIALS AND METHODSPlease see citations for details: (Dolphin, 2005)*Changes to l ...

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Fluorescence study of dyes

pectrometer.Coumarin 1 C = 8 x10-5 mol dm -3 We obtained a spectrum with a maximum at 376.5nm at an absorbance of 1.4573, using Beer-Lambert's law, we deduced the molar decadic absorption coefficients ... ic absorption coefficients.Sodium fluorescein C = 2.425 x10-5 mol dm -3 Here max was 500.5 nm at an absorbance of 2.0922 Summary of the results obtained.Dye max (nm) max (m2 mol-1) ...

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Determinations of the Protein Concentration of a Cell Extract Using the 'Bradford Method'

the Bradford dye reagent was added to 100μl of the solution and allowed to stand for 28mins. The absorbance of each solution is measured at 595 nm with the following results: 0.00 mg/cm3 = 0.00, 0. ... 4 mg/ cm3 = 0.34, 0.6 mg/ cm3 = 0.56, 0.8 mg/ cm3 = 0.68, and 1.0 mg/ cm3 = 0.80. The values of the absorbance were plotted against protein concentrations and the resulting line was used to calculate ...

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Cell volume

red blood cells to varying concentration and osmolality. We have also seen the relationship between absorbance and hemolysis, and between osmolality and hemolysis. One experiment I will like to perfor ...

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