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The Changing Role of Accountants in the 21st Century.

he trends of globalization.These modifications occurring within the business are influencing on the accountancy profession. Yet in many of these new market areas accountants face strong competition fr ... tal is expected to increase in the future (Allott, 2000). As the information is the currency of the accountancy profession and as companies become more forward-looking the old financial statements are ...

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Careers in Accounting

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Accounting Principles

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Career Interest

t websites. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), the California Board of Accountancy, andthe California Society of CPAs. There was so much information to be had; I didn't qu ...

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Accounting Paper

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Business management

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Code of Ethics

sks carefully, confidentially, with ample precision and without bias. With the help of the Board of Accountancy, accountants will be able to stay professional.The Board of Accountancy for the State of ... persons who make application (South Carolina Board, n.d.). The main responsibility of the Board of Accountancy is to look after the public's welfare by creating and implementing standards of criterio ...

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aid by those whose interests they are supposed to represent, and regulation can not solve this, (b) accountancy is a profession which lacks the history, tradition, and self-understanding of the tradit ...

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In what ways does a university education prepare graduates for a lifetime of learning?

owledge into disciplines and started developing courses for professions and trades like nursing and accountancy (Wallace:158). Universities that were initially institutions exclusively for rich men, b ...

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