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"Biggie Smalls" notorious B.I.G.-life story and research on shooting

her aka "Biggie Smalls" named himself after a hustling character in Bill Cosby's "Lets Do it Again" action-comedy. He felt that the name fit him well and said in an interview with John Farley, Author ...

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Charlie's Angels.

s Kim The film, "Charlie's Angels" was a visually motivated movie. This film fit under the genre of action/comedy. The action and camera work moved the story forward while keeping the audience attenti ... ing Eric Nox before he locates Charlie. The need to protect Charlie is the main drive in the girls' actions. The characters were exposed through situations which revealed their inner beings. Dylan's m ...

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A review of Animal Farm by George Orwell

while sharpening the reader's imagination throughout. By supplying the reader with a perfect mix of action, comedy, and political satire, Orwell maintains one's interest and provokes one's intellect. ... ruesome scenes, including the dogs ripping apart other animals when they do not follow orders. Such actions allow the reader to realize that Animal Farm is not merely a children's tale about talking f ...

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James Cameron - An Auteurist Critique

What do you get when you mix action, comedy, special effects, explosions, gunshots, nuclear warheads, people running, outlandish ...

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Miss Congeniality

of three different types of movies and blends them cohesively together to make a somewhat dramatic action-comedy. John Belton describes this type of comedy in one of his works. It talks about women i ... not an important subject in this movie. There were never scenes that depicted any racial remarks or actions. However the next two topics of discussion were prevalent throughout the movie.Class was a m ...

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Review Of Mike Judge's: Office Space

Mike Judge's Office Space is a wickedly satirical and comical story of Peter's quest to find satisfaction and happiness, in a world where "work sucks".Most well known for his animated shorts on Satur ... modern age office work into ninety minutes of hilarity. Although Office Space is Judge's first live action comedy the characters still retain an animated vibe to them and Mike's humor is easily repres ...

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