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i)Generally a film review will consist of four major components. Most reviews commonly start off with a brief synopsis of the plot, usually emphasizing the most important scenes of the film with out spoiling the ending. Second, the reviewer will often offer some background information about the director, actors, or production staff. Next, short arguments about the film are presented. This is where the reviewer explains the strong points and the short comings of the film. Finally, an evaluation of the film and a recommendation to either see or avoid the film is given to the reader based on the arguments and opinions expressed by the critic.

ii)In this review I will explore the use of satire in Mike Judge's Office Space and attempt to present it in a way that effectively illustrates the deliberate parody associated within the reality that many people across the world face everyday of their office lives.

It's no secret that many people living in the world today hate their jobs. Peter Gibbons is no exception. He is one of the many who start their day in bumper to bumper traffic, only to arrive to a six by six cubicle, to be lectured by his eight different bosses about how he "forgot to put a cover sheet on his TPS report". Mike Judge's Office Space is a wickedly satirical and comical story of Peter's quest to find satisfaction and happiness, in a world where "work sucks".

Most well known for his animated shorts on Saturday Night Live and the television show Bevis and Butthead, Mike Judge uses delightful satire to parody the dreads of modern age office work into ninety minutes of hilarity. Although Office Space is Judge's first live action comedy the characters still retain an animated vibe to them and...