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Solutions for the Arab Israeli Crisis: includes the occupied territories, jerusalem and refugees.

e East, several things are necessary. I think the United States government needs to put pressure on Ariel Sharon to co-operate with the following demands. First of all, the West Bank and the Gaza Stri ... the Christians get access to the Holy Sepulcher. Again, the United States needs to put pressure on Ariel Sharon for any of this ever to happen.Refugees:To solve the problem of the 700,000 refugees, w ...

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Isarel and palestine terrorism

ent of the State of IsraelQibya massacre, carried out among others by Unit 101 under the command of Ariel Sharon. It lead to the death of almost 70 civilians.Operation Suzannah (also known as the Lavo ... .An Israeli investigation found a number of officials (including the Defense Minister of that time, Ariel Sharon) "indirectly responsible" for not preventing the massacre. The Kahan Commission wrote: ...

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Hamas and Terrorism: A Blockage to Peace between Israel and Palestine

an understandable consequence considering Hamas is yet to show any compassion towards the Israelis. Ariel Sharon states in his speech at the UN summit in 2005;The attempts of that country to arm itsel ... isturb the sleep of anyone who desires peace and stability in the Middle East and the entire world.(Ariel Sharon, 15 September 2005)Conflict is unavoidable when Hamas could launch military attacks on ...

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Somethings Betther

erritory in the West Bank, despite a new US initiative to halt the bloodshed.Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said his army's occupation of six Palestinian towns was justified because "negotiating ...

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An Article from the Colorado Daily published By Alex Lubin,

a serious threat to Mideast peace Published February 15th 2001 By ALEX LUBIN The recent election of Ariel Sharon as prime minister of Israel represents a serious setback to any attempt at a just peace ... Dear Friend, I know you were as disheartened as I was when the Israeli people elected Ariel Sharon their prime minister. I believed, as I'm sure you did, that it would mean a complete en ...

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The region that we refer to as the Middle East

ore and more. With all of the bombings, attacks, violence and terror, the Prime Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon, has finally ordered the Israeli Defense Forces to take cities in the Occupied Territor ... ; they simply want the violence to come to an end. It seems to be doing just the opposite, however. Ariel Sharon positively believes in and affirms his actions and incursions with the IDF. His policy ...

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Masacres of Sabra and Shatila

apital. A cease-fire turned in to the PLO evacuation of Beirut on September 1st. On September 11th, Ariel Sharon, the leader of the invasion, decided that "2,000 terrorists" had stayed inside the Pale ... s, who installed checkpoints and crossroads around the camps to control who entered and who exited. Ariel Sharon announced that "2,000 terrorists" had remained inside the Palestinian refugee camps aro ...

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