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Australian Day Oath

g this letter to you to express my disapproval in regard to your decision to make the taking of the Australia Day Oath a regular part of morning assemblies. Although I am proud of our country and prou ... ar part of morning assemblies. Although I am proud of our country and proud to be a part of it, the Australia Day Oath does not reflect who we are as Australians and is simply an unpoetic collection o ...

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Australian Dream: Oral

THE AUSTRALIAN DREAM"As an Australian citizenI affirm my loyalty to Australia and its peopleWhose democr ... erties I respectAnd whose laws I uphold and obey"On this day in 1818, 186 years ago, the very first Australia Day ceremony was held to celebrate the 30th anniversary of white settlement in Australia. ... ur country a compassionate one? Are we a land of opportunity?Known to be loyal to their neighbours, Australia is said to be a nation of 'mates'. But how many of us actually know our neighbours, their ...

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"No Sugar" by Jack Davis: How does the text present minority groups and their reaction to oppression?

them by white authorities. No Sugar provides a voice for the aboriginal people, confronts European Australians with the past, restores Aboriginal culture and pride and explored the value of equality. ... the stage and the Aborigines are given center stage, as a means to respond to their mistreatment in Australian society so many years ago.No Sugar also confronts the European Australians with the past, ...

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Aboriginal Rights and Freedoms

independently, whilst continuing their tradition.On the 26th of January 1938, the nation celebrated Australia Day, while the Aborigines celebrated their National Day of Mourning. Though this day marke ... ation Commission gave them the right for equal pay. In 1967, Aborigines held a referendum to change Australia's constitution - counting Aborigines as Australian citizens, which they succeeded in. Also ...

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Aboriginal day of mourning and protests on Australia day January 26, 1938: The events and reasons for the protests.

January 26 was nominated as Australia Day to celebrate the anniversary of white settlement. It commemorates the ceremonious expa ... century, however, it is also recognised as a day of mourning for the invasion and dispossession of Australia's Aboriginal people.The Centenary in 1888 was a proud celebration of British and Australia ... t. Aboriginal people boycotted the celebrated events but their absence went unnoticed by mainstream Australians. By 1938 though, Aboriginal people in Sydney were becoming more organised in their polit ...

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The treatment of Aboriginals.

referendum, land claims by the Gurindji and Yirrakala tribes and the Tent Embassy Protest.The 1938 Australia Day, the nation celebrated 150 years of white settlement. On this day Aboriginal people ma ... al people marked the anniversary with a "day of mourning". A conference and protest was help at the Australian Hall in Sydney. After years of protest about the restrictive policies towards Aboriginal ...

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Australia In The 1920's and the 1930's

.Contribution and significance:In 1932 he was acknowledged for his contribution to the aviationMost Australians love Sir Charles Kingsford Smith who got the nickname "Smithy"Charles Kingsford Smith an ... kname "Smithy"Charles Kingsford Smith and Lawrence Hargrave appeared on a $20 note. They symbolised Australia's significant contribution to aviation and aeronautics.Section C.A significant event in th ...

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"A Righteous Day" by Mudrooroo Nyroongah

'A Righteous Day' written by Mudrooroo Nyroongah on 26TH January (Australia Day), in 1988, is a poem set in the first person voice that has been composed in response ... ean Settlement. As the "righteous" day is reflected by the persona, this contrasts with the 'White' Australians celebrating a "successful" colonisation in high-spirited ways, because to the Aborigines ... Colonisation, it would be ideal if they shifted from prisoners of society to proactive citizens of Australia who will stand tall with pride and win their internal battles in the face of adversity.The ...

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Aboriginal Activism

Indigenous people have lived in Australia for about 50,000 years. The population at the time of European settlement in the late 18th ... were killed in random killings and massacres.The years 1938 to 1972 saw numerous changes within the Australian society which led to a softening of many government policies. This period marked the begi ... aboriginal protests against inequality, injustice, dispossession of land and protective policies.On Australia Day, 1938, an official day of Mourning and protest was held in Sydney during an Aboriginal ...

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Cultural Analysis of Australia

Cultural Analysis of AustraliaExecutive SummaryNaraya is a big brand in Thailand when it comes to fabrics in different va ... ries as China, Hungary, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Italy, Switzerland, France and Guam but not yet in Australia.Australia's original population, aborigines come to the island in more than 50.000- 60.000 ... s come to the island in more than 50.000- 60.000 years ago. The first European who had contact with Australia was a Dutch in 1606. In 1770 an Englishman named James Cook come to Australia and claimed ...

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the meaning of australia day

The Meaning of Australia DayWhat is Australia Day?Australia Day is on January 26 annually and commemrates the estab ... t European settlement at Port Jackson,which is now part of Sydney,in 1788.It is an opportunnity for Australians to come together to celebrate their country and culture.There are refletions on the achi ... ions of way to make the country even better in the future.And an interesting fact that is that most Australians celebrate Australia Day as the day it was founded.In contrast,Aboriginal people mourn th ...

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