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Restorative Justice

t so they become community based programmes not just government driven initiatives.In Canberra, the Australian Federal Police have adopted alternative restorative justice techniques recommended by ANU ... e for crime prevention" Reintegrative Shaming Experiments (RISE)ISSN 1328-3006 ; ISBN 0 7315 2800 X Australian National University, Canberra RISE Working Papers, no. 1 April 1997· Brown D, Farr ...

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Theoretical analysis on australian terror laws.

and interactionism in order to analysis social issues. By looking at the past and recently updated Australian anti-terror laws, we can analysis this further with respect to how many of these new anti ... to engage in a racist coup?The recent raids in Sydney show that the counter-terrorism units of the Australian Federal Police are intent on arresting anyone with ties or sympathetic to terrorism. The ...

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The roles of various enforcement agencies, discussing the limitations of legal aid and evaluating the usefulness of alternatives to the court system in resolving disputes.

roles of police are to; prevent crime, investigate crime and arrest the perpetrators of crimes. The Australian federal police also enforce criminal law where crimes cross state boundaries, or are in b ... powers to enforce specific laws for example; under the income tax assessment act 1936 (cwlth), the Australian tax office has the power to investigate and prosecute matters in relation to taxation. Ot ...

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Mistakes made by the Australian Federal Police and the Media's way of misinterpreting the truth

ted innocent by the court according to evidence emerging at the Old Bailey court in London, but the Australian Federal Police and the Commonwealth Director of Prosecutions ignored the evidence and con ... use after being arrested at Brisbane airport on July 2, hours before boarding a flight to India.The Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Commonwealth Director of Prosecutions (DPP) continued with t ...

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The Petrov affair- mock newspaper article

Russian KidnappingEarlier today two Russian servicemen were arrested in Broome airport by Australian police when they tried to take Mrs Petrov back to Russia as a warning to Mr Petrov, who w ... d to take Mrs Petrov back to Russia as a warning to Mr Petrov, who was an ex-USSR spy, now with the Australian government.The kidnapping began at the Sydney airport where two Russian servicemen tried ...

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Actions taken by the Australian Government to combat cyber crime

s the major cybercrime amongst young people today.These crimes have led to several responses by the Australian Government. Under the Crimes Act 1914, Australian Federal Police may be able to compel a ... ent systems in 2011 and 2012, Julia Gillard has announced three months ago the establishment of the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC); a hub consisting of the government's cyber security efforts ...

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