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Russian KidnappingEarlier today two Russian servicemen were arrested in Broome airport by Australian police when they tried to take Mrs Petrov back to Russia as a warning to Mr Petrov, who was an ex-USSR spy, now with the Australian government.

The kidnapping began at the Sydney airport where two Russian servicemen tried to escort Mrs Petrov onto a waiting plane, which would then return to Russia, via refuelling in Broome. At Sydney airport there where large scale protests attempting to stop the removal of Mrs Petrov from Australia, however these acts were unsuccessful and the plane took off on its way to Russia.

When the plane stopped in Broome to refuel, the Australian Federal police were waiting, and there they arrested two Russian couriers, and removed Mrs Petrov from the plane. Mrs Petrov has now received politic asylum in Australia as she could be in possible danger if she returned to Russia.

It is also expected that the Russians will be used as a bargaining chip for the Australians so they can negotiate a deal with Russia.

Mr Petrov received political asylum for information about Russian spies and is now working with the Australian police as an informant. Mr Petrov failed to inform his wife that he was going to betray the Russian government and, as a result, she was in danger from Russian spies. Mr Petrov is currently in hiding from further potential attempts at his safety and wellbeing, as is Mrs Petrov.

It has also become clear from this affair that the defence of our country needs to be increased, as two communist- Russians have infiltrated our country with the aim of removing one of its residents, and nearly succeeding in their extraordinary mission. What is to stop another breach in the security of our country, whether its spies infiltrating the government, communists brainwashing our children or the beginning of another war, we clearly need to unite as a nation and make a stand against these intruders who pose a severe danger to us and those we love. We should also expect the government to step in and take control in increasing the security of the national boarders and tightening security within the nation and government itself.

Hopefully these two Russians will be punished most severely for their actions, and that Mr. and Mrs. Petrov will now live in peace and safety without the threat of communists coming to their country and posing a threat to them.