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Economics of Globalization Watch

the article published in The Australian, on 21st April 28, 2008. The article is the comment of Mr. Ban Ki-moon UN General Secretary, about the increasing food prices globally and the possibility of f ... od prices globally and the possibility of further globalization helping in fixing this problem. Mr. Ban reckons that many countries had taken steps in barring the exports of wheat and rice, or introdu ...

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Functions of the United Nations

ds, librarians, lawyers, writers and journalists. The current secretary of the United Nations is Mr Ban Ki-Moon.Economic and Social CouncilThe UN's founders believed that reducing the amount of Povert ...

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CSTD stuff

the terrorism aspect of it considering how quickly that could affect the global community. In 2008, Ban Ki-Moon gave a statement concerning the work the UN was doing to strengthen barriers against bio ... nd the embryonic life that is involved.UN INVOLVEMENT:In 2004, the United Nations made an effort to ban the reproductive cloning of humans for three straight years because the debate remained on wheth ...

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Sociology of Gender

women are not equal to men. Women are taught, and in some cultures forced to stay pure for their husbands. In some cultures women are taught to pledge their virginities to their father. Which I believ ... eet the Pioneers of Role Reversal." Metro Where Women Rule the World Matriarchal Communities from Albania ToChina Comments. N.p., 5 Mar. 2013. Web. 10 Apr. 2014.

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Climate Change

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