Climate Change

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Kayla Sylvester


The term 'climate change' is usually referred to the processes of global warming. Over the years there has been a global warming controversy: as to whether global warming is occurring, how much it has occurred in modern times, whether humans are playing the main role in causing global warming, whether any action should be taken towards global warming and if so what should be done? Scientists have been researching these questions for years and it's come to the point where it is a little hard to ignore the facts. Global warming is happening and at the rate that people are consuming it's really becoming an issue for our planet and life impacting changes are happening fast.

Over the last century our earth's climate has changed rapidly. All around the globe increased average temperatures have occurred and new and stronger evidence is being discovered that humans have had a big role in taking part in climate change.

Global warming spells danger for Earth's biomes, which in turn play an important role in climate change. Climate change has the potential to adversely affect our environment, our communities and our economy if we don't start to act on reversing it. The main factor increasing climate change is greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gases absorb some of this radiation, acting like a blanket and keeping the planet warm enough to sustain life. This is called the natural greenhouse effect. Human activities, predominately the burning of fossil fuels, intensive agriculture and land clearing, are causing greenhouse gas concentrations in the lower atmosphere to rise above natural levels. This means that atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide, a key greenhouse gas, are higher now than at any time in the last 420,000 years! A prime example of a way humans are impacting...