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Detection of biological molecules. Lab work.

identify molecules that are in that class. This lab is broken down into fourdifferent sections, the Benedict's test for reducing sugars, the iodine test for the presenceof starch, the Sudan III test f ... t part of this lab takes an unknown substance and by the four tests,determine what the substance is.BENEDICT'S TESTIntroduction: Monosaccharides and disaccharides can be detected because of their free ...

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Much Ado About Nothing

e happened in Shakespeare's life areestablished in the relationships of the characters of the play. Benedict and Beatrice,throughout the entire beginning of the play, display love, deceit, and comedy. ... y. Beatricefinds all men to be repulsive, not in the physical sense, but in the psychological sense.Benedict does not like her attitude and does everything he can to spite her. Through allthis, they b ...

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The Effect of Concentrations of Starch and Sugar Solutions on Synthetic Semi-Permeable Membranes

m dialysis tubingbeakercylindertest tubestransfer pipettesGatoradeStarch solution 10 g/1000 ml waterBenedict¹s SolutionIodine Solutionstringring standwater bathboiling chipsgogglesScientific Meth ... s:Positive NegativeTest for starch and Iodine Solution blue black clear yellowTest for Gatorade and Benedict¹s Solution orange/green clear blue17. Using transfer pipettes and dry test tubes, test ...

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Testing for Macromolecules

5-10 minutes4.Record observationsResults:Table 1: Reactions of sample substances to indicatorsSAMPLEBenedict's solution + heatIodine solutionFilter paperBiuret reagent1.protein solutionPurpleNo change ... estigation 1A: Testing for MacromoleculesDiscussion:By observing the table above, we could see that Benedict's test was for reducing sugars, iodine test was for the presence of starch, filter paper wa ...

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For this pieces of coursework I had to visit two places of worship and write a comparison on them.

laces of worship. I decided to choose two local churches in my area. I chose to take pictures of St Benedicts Catholic Church and St Andrews United Reformed Church. I picked these two as they are cont ... ildings and the furnishings.To two Christian places of worship, which I am going, to look at are St Benedict Catholic Church and St Andrews United Reformed Church which is a non-conformist church. Thi ...

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Pope Gregory

Gregory was born in the year of five hundred and forty, about the same time that Benedict wrote the Rule for monks. His place of birth was in Rome. He was born to a very wealthy fam ... ven monasteries!Gregory had lived as a monk for three wonderful years. In which he never did except Benedicts Rule for Monks. It was these three years that Gregory often said were the best three years ...

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Saint Benedict History

Saint Benedict was born in Nursia, a small town in Umbria, in north central Italy, in 480 to an upper-clas ... n in Nursia, a small town in Umbria, in north central Italy, in 480 to an upper-class family. Saint Benedict went to Rome to finish his education, where the power of the voice without foundation in th ... e power of the voice without foundation in the heart was the goal of the student's education. Saint Benedict became dominated by the study of rhetoric, which an successful speaker was not one who had ...

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Life As A Monk In Medieval Ireland (First Person Account)

rs, look after the sick and teach reading and writing. There are many orders of monks. There is the Benedictines, the Cistercians and the Augustinians. Most of us follow the Rule of St. Benedict. The ... ied and illustrated. To become a monk I had to join an order as a novice. I learned the Rule of St. Benedict and helped with work in the monastery. When the abbot (head of the monastery) was satisfied ...

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How does Shakespeare maintain the balance between seriousness and comedy in the play "Much ado about nothing"?

se a cruel plot to deceive Claudio into thinking that Hero had betrayed him. In the very next scene Benedict and Beatrice are "duped", they are made to believe that they love each other but do not wan ...

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Much Ado Abt Nothing

ters (and Shakespeare himself) evidently takes in words. Beatrice, the highly witty counterpoint to Benedict and in my view, the main figure around which the play revolves, charmingly and quickwittedl ... her uncle's discomforted explanation to the messenger of the verbal conflicts between Beatrice and Benedict: Alas! he gets nothing by that. In our last conflict four of his five wits went halting off ...

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St. BEnedict

Saint Benedict was a very accomplished man. In his lifetime he came to the aid of many people. He was a gr ... was a great teacher of his age and a guide to many in their search for God. The teachings of Saint Benedict still affect the lives of people today. His work reinvented monastic life. Through hard wor ... hard work, faith, and piety, this humble man helped shape history.Theodore Maynard, author of Saint Benedict and His Monks states that Benedict was born in 480 in Nursia, Italy (1). We learn from Jame ...

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h Africa by St. Augustine, and to Gaul by St. Martin of Tours. Later, the religious movement by St. Benedict of Nursila, in the 6th century, gave Western Monasticism its permanent form.Types of Monast ... All of them are enforced, and they are obeyed by all members.Important Monks in Western Monasticism Benedict of Nursila - Benedict of Nursila was a monk who lived from 480-547. He is considered the "f ...

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The Trench

I decided to do my project on our second option, the description of our main character. Benedict Singer was the head honcho in this novel. The only hair on his head was a grayish white goa ... no longer needed. She'll be dead before the day is out." But when it all comes down to it, Benedict would never put himself in a situation where he could be harmed and he certainly doesn't wa ...

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Problem How is the presence of carbohydrates, proteins and fats

by using iodine, this caused the potato to get blue-black. Sugar was detected in the honey by using Benedict's solution that caused it to get a dark-blue color, this means honey has sugar. Proteins ar ... s iodine solution slice of raw potato hot-water bath graduated cylinder honey solution 2 test tubes Benedict's Solution ..Sugar: The term sugar includes both monosaccharides (6 carbon or simple sugars ...

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Benedict Arnold, a Great General

leaders during the Revolutionary War, though there were few who could be considered great leaders. Benedict Arnold was an amazing leader during the Revolution, and because he helped greatly in winnin ... winning the American Revolutionary War, he is considered one of the greatest Revolutionary leaders. Benedict was a military commander and a general, during the American Revolution, and he was able to ...

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Saint Benedict

Saint Benedict of Nursia, Italy (c. 480 - died c. 547) was a founder of Christian monastic communities and ... a guide to many in their search for God. His work reinvented monastic life. The teachings of Saint Benedict still affect the lives of people today. Through hard work, and devotion, this modest man he ... . Through hard work, and devotion, this modest man helped shape history.In the sixth century, Saint Benedict drafted his famous Rule; this is when the monasticism began to grow hastily in Western Euro ...

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1.Find THE AMOUNT OF REDUCING SUGARS AND STARCH IN YELLOE AND GREEN BANANAS by Using the Benedict's test nad Iodine test. Why the Benedict's solution should be used in excess.

ow banana tasted sweet since it contained large amount of reducing sugars. Biological principles: Benedict's test for reducing sugar: Reducing sugars include all monosaccharides (glucose) and some ... ing sugar: Reducing sugars include all monosaccharides (glucose) and some disaccharides (maltose). Benedict's solution contains copper sulphates. Reducing sugars reduce copper(2) ions present in the ...

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Science- Biology Practical Urine

ittle salt and little sugar.Method1st experiment1)Add some water, and shake all 4 of them2)add some benedict's solution3)boil all four of them4)if any of them show orange red precipitate there is simp ... est tubes2)Add silver nitrate to the test tubes3)if form cloudy suspension, it is positiveApparatus:Benedict solutionurine samplepotassium hydroxide solution/sodium hydroxide solutioncopper sulphate s ...

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Classification of Macromolecules

ohydrates, proteins, or vitamin C. The tests used were the Biuret test, the xanthoproteic test, the Benedict's test, the starch test, and the indophenol test. Many of the substances were positive for ... hydrates, a Biuret test and a starch test were conducted on each substance. To test for proteins, a Benedict's test and a Xanthoproteic test were conducted on each substance. Finally, to test for vita ...

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Testing for Macromolecules

ample's reaction with iodine was recorded.4. The samples connected by another group with 5 drops of Benedict's solution added were heated all together in hot water bath.5. The test tubes containing sa ... bag test is the method to indicate the lipids. The glucose solution reacted most dramatically with Benedict's solution after it got heat up in hot water bath. Other samples all turned blue and stayed ...

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