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Aim: To establish if the kidneys that produce each sample was either:1.Healthy2.diabetic3.dehydrated4.kidney deseasedPrediction:As we saw the samples given to us on the table we already saw that sample D looked obviously very different from the others, it bubbled and had froth and the colour was lighter than the oher 3. As we went over and smelled each one we found out that sample B smelled quite sweet compared to the others. We also know that the urine a healthy kidney produced has no sugar, no protein and has little salt. The urine produced from a diabetic kidney has no protein, more sugar and little salt. The urine produced from a dehydrated kidney has more salt, no sugar and protein and it is more concentrated, this doesn't mean it is an unhealthy kidney. A Kidney disease will show in the urine as it has more protein, little salt and little sugar.

Method1st experiment1)Add some water, and shake all 4 of them2)add some benedict's solution3)boil all four of them4)if any of them show orange red precipitate there is simple sugar in the food.

2nd experiment1)Put all the urine samples in different test tubes2)add potassium hydroxide and copper sulphate solution for each3)shake the tube gently4)if purple colour is shown, proves the test is positive3rd experiment1)Put all the urine samples in different test tubes2)Add silver nitrate to the test tubes3)if form cloudy suspension, it is positiveApparatus:Benedict solutionurine samplepotassium hydroxide solution/sodium hydroxide solutioncopper sulphate solutionsilver nitratetest tubespipetteResults:Urine sampleSalt presentSugar presentProtein presentALittle, white Nothing, blueNothingBLittle, whiteOrange-redTurns dark blue, littleCCloudy, a lotNot much sugar, blueLight blue not much proteinDTurns white little bitLight blue, not much sugarHigh on protein, dark purpleConclusion:After the tests we found out that A had quite little sugar, no sugar and no protein is found from the urine. This proves that the urine is produced from a healthy kidney. B also had little salt present, showed that there was quite a lot of sugar and very little protein. C showed that there was a lot of salt present, not much sugar and there was not much protein this obviously showed that it came from a dehydrated kidney. Also it was quite yellow in colour which meant it was quite concentrated, with very little water. D showed more salt than the rest, not much sugar present and a high amount of protein was found. This showed that the urine is made from a damaged, disease kidney.