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Charles Darwin's theory of evolution and coral formation were two of his most important works he has done during his life time. Darwin would manage to observe volcanic Islands and how coral formation would come about. Darwin also visited the Galapagos Islands and examined different types of birds. Also, Darwin compared the birds to their environments and explained how they would evolve leading to his theory of evolution. Moreover, Darwin showed some similarities and differences between coral formation and theory of evolution. in addition, Darwin would be influenced from the idea of gradualism from Charles Lyell.

Darwin would produce the theory of coral formation. He would describe three types of reefs called: coral, barrier and atolls reefs. Coral reefs are reefs that form close to shores of some volcanic island. Overtime, the volcano rises above the oceans water and coral reefs begin to grow along the edges of the islands shores.

These reefs are located right next to the island. Over time, the intensity and strength of the volcanic island causes it to gradually sink into the ocean. The cause of the drop of the volcano island is because of the sea floor spreading out or the extremely great mass of the island itself. As the island sinks, barrier reefs are created. Barrier reefs are created and are located a little farther off the edge of the island, but still fairly close to the volcanic island. As the island continues to sink overtime, the island becomes completely underneath the oceans surface, which would create lots of rubble. This rubble becomes around an open body of water. Ultimately, storms would gather and pile-up the reefs to form a series of atolls. Atolls are circular or ring shaped reefs that would be established around a circular region. These are found far off...