Evolution Vs. Creation

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1. Explain the Modern Theory of Evolution including How New Species Supposedly Developed: Man can only guess what happened in the beginning since he wasn't there. He wasn't there to see the stars and matter being created, so he comes up with his own answer, which we call a theory. Evolutionists don't have any proof to there theories. Christians do. The Bible tells us step by step of what God did. Biological Evolution deals with the beginning of life and proposes that simple organisms give rise to more complex organisms, which, in turn, produce even more complex offspring. WHY CANT EVOLUTIONISTS JUST EXCEPT THAT GOD CREATED THINGS? IT MIGHT STOP AN ULCER OR TWO TRYING TO FIGURE THIS OUT. Evolutionists also have this lamebrain idea that all things are progressing toward a future perfection. Correct me if I'm wrong here but didn't God already make things perfect? That brings us to question number 2.

2. What is the Argument for design, and how would you present it biologically? Evolutionist's say by having something mutate it will become stronger. But mutations are bad, they don't help life, they destroy it. A mutation is caused by having a hiccup (Random change) in your DNA strand. The out come wouldn't be good. The probabilities of CREATING a horse by having millions of DNA changes are 1 to the 10 millionth power. Another theory is that everything went from inorganic to organic (non-life to life). How is that possible? What they are saying is there once was nothing and then POOF there it is living and working happily. Were is your poof I mean PROOF. Again us Christians or as they call us "Less Intelligent People" have proof, and its simple, you don't have to get all worked up about it, just look in...